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December 2014, Issue 89: Editor’s Notes

Some of Arizona’s most influential water planners want to expedite the state’s general stream adjudications. A push from the legislature will help make this happen.

In a recent Arizona Republic op-ed piece, former Arizona Senator John Kyl and water lawyer Grady Gammage, Jr., outline actions for working towards water sustainability in Arizona. They conclude that the state’s number one priority should be to “resolve competing claims to surface water and make pending stream adjudications more efficient.” This bold and encouraging statement is not altogether surprising; it follows the release of ADWR’s Strategic Vision for Water Supply Sustainability, which targets the completion of the state’s two general stream adjudications — including Indian water rights claims — within 10 years. This is no simple task, as the Gila River and Little Colorado River adjudications involve tens of thousands of parties and individual claims... [MORE]

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