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Since 1984, M&A has provided quality hydrogeologic and water resource services to clients in the industrial, mining, energy, municipal, land development, tribal, and agricultural sectors. We combine our unparalleled groundwater hydrology experience with expertise in water resource policy and economics to develop comprehensive approaches and integrated solutions.

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From our April 2014 issue of the Arizona Water Policy Update

For the first time, CAP is considering adopting water rates for shortage conditions.

In last month’s editorial, we noted several factors that may cause a dramatic increase in CAP rates in coming years. Since then, the CAP has incorporated one of these possibilities — shortage — into its upcoming biennial rate discussion. For the first time, the Board is considering two sets of advisory rates — one for normal conditions and one for shortages — over its next 6-year planning horizon.

A shortage declaration on the Colorado River triggers a reduction in the total amount of CAP deliveries and, consequently, an increase in the rates all customers pay. According to the terms of the Colorado River Operating Plan, a Tier 1 shortage declaration will reduce deliveries by 20 percent, increasing the Fixed OM&R portion of the rates for all customers by 25 percent. This is especially relevant for CAP’s highest-priority contract holders (M&I and tribes), who will be left sharing fixed operating costs under prolonged shortages as other customers become fewer in number. Read more...

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